New relationship and things have changed?

I met a guy about two months ago. We had our first date and after that things were off to a great start! It seemed at the beginning like he was the one that liked me more even, texting me when he woke up in the morning, telling me how much he missed me and wished I was with him and how happy I made him and bringing me along to hang out with his friends. Telling me that he was in this 100 % and calling me his girl. Now things just feel different, I barely get those messages anymore, we go out together once a week and we do generally have a good time but it just feels like he's pulling away. When he does go out with his friends he never invites me, but will always tell me where he is. I don't want to come across as clingy or expect that he should include me but it really hurts and makes me feel like he isn't as into this as I thought. When we are alone together he barely kisses me and we rarely have sex. I tried to bring it up and he said that wasn't the most important thing, even though when we started dating he was really insistent about how much he likes sex and is super sexual. I mean I don't expect the cutesy texts always, or sex constantly but I need to feel like he actually is into me. I just feel as though he said these things and has now changed his mind. I've tried to talking to him about it but he says nothing has changed and to chill out. It makes it hard for me to believe that he isn't saying these same things to another girl though. We're not defined as anything and he did tell me early on that he wanted a relationship but didn't want to rush into things. I don't feel like just a hookup though because we talk during the day and do spend time together not having sex. Anyone else been here before? How did you deal with it?


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  • the novelty has worn off.

    men get bored so easily these days.

    • That's the thing... I've tried giving him an out, to break things off and he insists I make him so happy and that he wouldn't have me around if I didn't... so confused

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