Have you ever asked a girl out?

I have never actually done it. It is scary as hell. If all goes well, I'm going to ask the girl I've been crushing on for a while out on Monday, lol.

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  • I have some tips for u if u want :/
    First off don't say I'm asking u out, just say like I'm going to the movies on Monday, and I was wondering if u wants to come with me
    If she says just the two if us or something you could calmly reply yeh
    If ur nervous it will show, and make sure she is alone
    She won't turn you down if you say it like that, rather than saying I'm asking u out, cos then she can say no cos she likes someone else or whatever
    Good luck, and I hope this helped! :)

    • Wouldn't it be better for her to know that it was a date? Otherwise I would end up confused if she just thought we were just going as friends.

    • asker it is pretty obvious u r asking her out on a date, im pretty sure she will know

    • If it's one to one it's really obvious it's a date
      You say it's a date, it's sudden, not subtle and you can easily be turned down
      Trust me on this, I've seen it happen to my friends and uve used the second method about 10 times and never got turned down on the spot

  • Yes. It was surprisingly harmless. She even turned me down and I the Earth didn't shatter.