Would this be a good way to ask a girl out?

I like this girl and I'm pretty sure she likes me, and the other day she needed a story to write about for her journalism class, so I told her I'd come up with one and I then let her interview me for it. The semester is ending soon, so I thought i could say she owed me for that awesome interview (in a joking way, the interview was really short) and say I'd come up with some ways she could make it up to me. I would then start writing stuff down then give her a note with 2 options as class let's out: write a 5 word essay displaying your gratitude for the incredible opportunity to interview me (I'm sarcastic with her alot) or go out to dinner with me the next night she's availible. What do you think?


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  • honestly i dont think so. i think it's kind of childish in a way.. personally i wouldn't like it. what if she was just like "um no i don't owe you." lol like what if she didn't go along with it, and it just turned awkward? it's creative and it's good that you put thought into it, but i just think it's too much for my taste. if she's really into you, then you should go for it. but if you're unsure i'd hold back


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  • It's very creative. Go for it!

  • That's a very unique way to ask someone out, good thinking!!


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