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Ok guys I need your opinion. I am getting out of a five year unhealthy relationship. This has given me a very different view on things I want in a man. In my life I have just landed my dream job after finishing nursing school. I want someone who is near this same point. There is a guy who's name keeps getting thrown around that I would love to meet. But the problem is I've never met him, and there is no way we would ever just accidentLly bump into each other without intervention. We don't really have any friends in common, but I do know a few people that know him. How do I approach this without being seen as a creeper?


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  • It's impossible not to seem a little creepy in situations like this, but luckily for you, you are a girl. It'll be seen as kinda cute and endearing, if you ask around for him. So if you really need help with a question, just ask someone, "Can you get him to talk to me", or, "Can you introduce me?" And overall just don't ask where he lives or what his blood type is, and you'll be fine.


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