This guy with a girlfriend does he like me?

Ok so this guy was in my class and I noticed he would stare at me like all the time since the beginning of the semester. We became good friends and I just sometimes get the vibes that he likes me still

- I still catch him staring at me
- He always asks me to hang out or go for coffee to talk
- He made me soup when I was sick

But here's the catch he seems like he loves his girlfriend.. and they're currently long distance.

Does he like me?


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  • He likes you cause your local, your there so he can
    have a side chick cause his girlfriends long distance
    If his girlfriend comes into his life to be closer guess
    whose going to get hurt? You are going get hurt
    He could just see you as a best friend but sending
    mixed signals to you which he shouldn't be doing
    yes it's wrong what he is doing cause i feel you
    like this guy a little bit and guys can stare sending
    girls the wrong signals too and why do people do
    these things to us who have partners they lead us on.


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  • He just might being friendly with you because he cares for you. Then he may have a crush on you. He could have feeling for you because he deeply cares for you and doesn't want to see you get hurt. But doesn't want to cheat on his another half .


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  • I mean this with all due respect, but why does it matter if he likes you? He has one quality most girls dislike in a potential crush... a girlfriend.

    He very well could like you and it sounds as if he might, but why waste time on him? You're a hottie, go get the next one :)!

    • I don't like him back I swear haha I'm just curious I guess.

    • Ahhh OK, lol! Yeah, I kinda got the feel he does still have feelings from what you are saying :)

    • Ok haha I think I just need to pull back a bit then... I never know the line to cross with guys cause sometimes they think I like them because I am too nice and I am not trying anything here with him.

  • So respect his relationship and don't interfere with it, don't even wonder if he likes you. If he had any genuine feelings for you and he was a decent guy then he would end his relationship and explore his feelings before messing around with two women. Assume that he is doing nothing but being nice and friendly to you and if you want more from him then back away and don't get into a mess with a guy who's taken.

    • I never said I liked him back did I? My question is about whether or not he likes me so I find this irrelevant.

    • It doesn't matter if he does, why would you care if you had no interest in him?

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