Friend-zoned or your just like family?

when girls tell a guy that he is just like family or a guy gets friends zoned is it really that awful?
girls do you tend to have to do that just to get guys to stop bugging you


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  • I don't think it's awful at all. Obviously there is something that attracted me to want to be in a relationship with her. But if there is no relationship, for whatever reason. I have no problem being friendzoned. The qualities/personality that attracted me is still there. I'd love to be her friend.

    A lot of guys though, are of the opinion that. If they can't have a relationship. They want nothing. They don't want to see others succeed where they couldn't.

    I equate this line of thought as. Competing in the Olympics. Winning a silver medal. But refusing to accept it because it's not gold.

  • What @ironeddie said. I've always thought this way. It's funny because my parents are always telling me "you can always have her as a friend" (mostly from my dad). I just snicker inside.


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