How can I ask her now in this situation?

I was with my friend in my home preparing an assignment yesterday and with my crush through Facebook. After that we chilled a bit and we looked on my conversation with my crush. He says that his opinion is that she maybe likes me. I cannot be quite sure although I get some signs. So... Christmas are coming and he told me to ask her out this weekend. I would do so but she told us yesterday because we wanted to meet again for the assignment but she didn't have time due to h/w, training, etc. I want to ask her but I know that the answer will be no because she has no time. Is there any way to ask her out without being rejected? Im leaving in 6 days for Christmas and she has little time spare to get out until then. But I wanna take the chance if I find it. What I mean is that I want to ask her out but I don't wan to push/stress her. How can I ask her out and ensure that we will go out?


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  • That's a pretty tall order.
    Hey I think you're really cool and pretty, we should hang out sometime. Are u free _____?
    I don't know write her a poem or something. Girls love romance. She will
    Say yes.


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