Maybe I need to be an asshole?

The saying goes "nice guys finish last". Same goes for girls I guess. I wonder if being too nice is getting me less attention from guys.

At the same time a lot of guys I talk to say their exes were mean to them yet when they meet me they move on. I treat them with respect, kindness and everything.

What is up? Do I need to be an asshole to a guy to get him to be with me?


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  • You will just attract the wrong people.

  • a girl that is an asshole turns out to be my best friend, not my girlfriend hahaa. we have so much fun together!

  • What about the right guy paying attention to you for who you are?

    The masculine desires the feminine, if you stray from the feminine, the masculine will have a harder time seeing you.

    Have you considered the distinct possibility that all of these guys who are ignoring you... are not right for you at all?

    Trust your gut instinct and what it tells you about each guy. it is never, ever wrong, even when your heart is dead wrong.

  • No More MR Nice Guy

    He makes good points in this book. Some times I feel it sucks to be nice but I don't know if I can be the other way.

  • So, you'd betray who you truly are deep down just to get some penis?

    You must be weak.

    • I can get penis just fine. I want a relationship.
      you must have a micro penis

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    • I am not desperate. How does the saying go, if something isn't working change it. If something doesn't work I will do my best to correct it. Just like anything else in life. A sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    • In my opinion, those are pathetic results to expect.

      If a guy likes mean girls, then fuck him. He's a moron who doesn't know what's good for him, and certainly not someone I would consider my equal in any form, as a romantic partner or otherwise.

  • yes, thats why anal is so popular and more guys are turning gay. they love the asshole.

  • What? Girls are catching "nice guy" syndrome now...

    • I want girls to be nice, as I am towards them.

      Do you think "nice guys finish last"?

  • lol. assholic girls are shown the door


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