Had a good date but seems something changed? what should I do?

So I met this girl a month ago or so , and we went out the two following weeks. she's older then me, 30 and I'm 24. and told me when we first met that she doesn't really go out much ever. The first date was good , we have a bunch in common and talked for a long time, nothing happened that time. I called her in the week and we made plans for the next week and she texted me in the week about something we talked about.

The second date went really well i thought. We did some stuff and then went to this bar with live music We left mid way through and walked around and sat somewhere. I kissed her there. We did that a bit and just sat talking and with our arms around each other. She asked if i was nervous after the kiss and i said yeah its been a while. But it was good, I picked a good moment and didn't hesitate or anything. We went back to the show and then she drove me to the train, and we both leaned in and kissed a while before i got out to catch the train. We tried to make plans but she said she had family coming this next weekend.( So never made any definite plans) But either way i thought it was a good time. Couldn't really do more that night cause I had work in a couple hours.
I had texted her the next day and she got back to me but it was really short and cold. called her on Tuesday but no answer. Texted once more on Wednesday but got another short reply. and nothing after i replied.

It seemed we were both really into each other and I thought it was a good date. But now it just seems like something changed , and i just don't know what could have or why...

And i do realize she's probably just lost interest, and that's alright. Just want to know.

I want to ask her out one more time and if no answer/reply or she makes an excuse just call it a day.
does that seem alright? or something else ( ask whats wrong or say i want to talk?) just give her space?


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  • Since you were the last person to text, I would hold off on asking for another date. It does sound like she's lost interest. It's only been two dates, so I wouldn't go in the what's wrong or want to talk direction. If you still haven't heard from her after the holidays, it can't hurt to try to get in touch, but I also wouldn't expect too much.


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