I asked her out... is this a no or?

So some hours ago I asked my crush out. I already knew that she didn't have time on the weekend so I suggested another day too. Told her to message me if finds a day available. She said we will see cause she will get out anyway. What did she mean? Does she want to go out or is there the secret 'no' meaning in it?
ps: Im really confused if she likes me or not... my friend tells me from looking our conversation that she might does... and I have some signs like eye contact or one of her guy friends pushing her on me and whistling to us while passing... so what is it?


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  • I bet there's something worth pursuing there. But it seems she's a little shy or unsure about it. You might back off the pressure a bit by inviting her to join things you're doing with other friends. Or, plan to do something fun and ask her if she'd enjoy doing that thing with you. For a lot of people the "Will you date me" thing is more pressure than it needs to be. Befriend her first.

    • its true that after i asked her my heart was racing faster than usain bolt :P im not really happy about her answer tho. we talk everyday at school by the way

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  • I think there is something there, if her friends are teasing her she has talked about. Just relax. :)

    • i can't relax.. its just... its the third time im crushing for her but sometimes think she's too good for me.. and im afraid of being ignored because she sometimes do that (not to me)

    • I am the exact same way so I understand but remember everything happens for a reason. Just take a deep breathe, and let things play out.

    • thanks...

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  • its always a yes

    • i really hope :/ im just afraid if she doesn't send me a message... as i said i told her to message me if she's available

    • man, dont live in fear. call her up, dont just sit there and wait

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