What was happening with her?

So I just texted a girl I knew on Facebook. She saw the message but then replied the next day saying she was "really creeped out".

I was thrown of a bit, and said I did not mean to make her feel creeped out. I said to her that I did not imagine I looked like Hanibal Lector lol.

She calmed down a bit and said "Stay chill, it's nothing :D".

I managed to text a bit more with her. By that time she was slowly responding faster and faster to my messages.

She was really weird. I noticed her a lot of times looking at me in public places. She always looked away from me when I looked at her back.

I can't help but feel like I was played. Like her intention from the very begining was me and when I messaged her she denied it not to give herself away.

Next she texted later and took her time not to make her seem interested in me.

I don't care about her that much she's way to structured for me, I mean she either was not interested or played too hard to get. I just want to know if my guess was right.

Can a girl really go to such depths to hide things like this?


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  • Don't read too much into it. Sounds like she realized she didn't like you that much and didn't want to talk. Doesn't mean she intended to "play" you.

    • Wow, usually women are a lot more soft when replying than men. But hearing what you said, it means I am really off and I should avoid her like the plague.

    • I'm just direct.

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