Tall girls, how should a slightly shorter guy approach you?

We freaking love you, 5'9"+ girls! We actually love all heights but you're too prominent and eye-catchy to ignore! Even though you often feel awkward and out of place, but that makes you even cuter to look at ;) So how would you like us to make the approach? Is it better if we look manly or more young and adorable? Casual or all suited up?
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Is there a scenario (or a fantasy, if exists) where said slightly shorter, but hot local or exotic guy closes in with you and takes you to bed on the same day? Or do you think it would take longer for a slightly shorter guy to get your sexual attention, as opposed to the usual taller guy?

Would it make a difference if said guy is ripped (toned) and overly confident? :)


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  • I'm tall 5'10". Don't even mention the height difference, don't even talk about height at all. I have been willing to date shorter guys in the past, but they always had something to make up for it (funny, charismatic, personable, confident, etc). Just being honest.

    • Also to add, every shorter guy I've had feelings for I was at least previously friends with. If it's a night out, I usually go for the tall, athletic types because they usually have the confidence to approach first.

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    • A girl will be able to tell your body type even if you're dressed in layers. Think about it this way: when a girl's layered up, you can still make a rough estimate about her body type, right? It's the same thing. Haha this is turning out to be a conversation between you and me, it's quite entertaining (:

    • haha, I'm glad you're being entertained! That's an acceptable compensation for me that no other tall girls answered this question. Guess they despise slightly shorter stallions xD
      And you're right, I think I can make good estimates regarding girls' body type and even their working out routines or lack thereof. hehe. Thanks to the yoga pants trend, the tops can be puffed up with coats and wool scarfs, but legs and thighs outlines (the stuff that matters) can still be clearly visible. I'm unsure however of how can the girls tell the same about a guys if they're fully covered. Probably the posture? Nice or suitable outfits? Gait? How about the face; if he's got a gentlemanly beard? Would that make him more masculine looking as opposed to you being slender and feminine?
      (sorry, too many questions but you can answer as many as you like, you'll a get cookie for each lol)

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