Does he have a reason to be mad?

Okay so one of my good guy friends told my friends he was going to ask me out a few days ago. I've been waiting and he hasn't done it. I was texting him and my other friend in a group chat and he wasn't responding. She texted him asking if he liked me and he said as a friend. We were in group chat and I said "He is such a liar 😂😂" And she said "yeah I know right?😂😂" he read it and he goes "Well I'm gonna go kill myself now" and I tried apologizing to him. He reads it but doesn't respond!! What can I do to make it up to him? I like him too and I want him to ask me out. I don't know how to get him to text me back! Help? And I already knew he liked me so why is he even mad?


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  • He's mad because, even if he knew how you felt, it is an entirely different act to be called out in front of you-He wanted to do it in person with you, without your friends to look on the event. He wasn't quite ready to ask you yet, so he needed more time.


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