Right or wrong for a first kiss?

I'm dating this guy and we just had our first kiss together. The first few kisses were short and kind of quick…not lingering or as tender as I would have liked. Then he quickly went from that to putting his tongue in my mouth and biting my lip.

This just didn't seem normal with regard to my experience of a first kiss. Is this an indicator that the guy is just in it for the physical stuff? If you really cared about a girl wouldn't you kiss her more slowly and tenderly and linger a bit on your first kiss together? Just looking for feedback. Thanks :)


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  • nah he is just inexperienced... he might care for you a lot.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don’t overanalyze the first kiss. A lot of pressure is on that moment. Every guy wants to get laid – it is in the DNA. It is up to YOU to control that and DO NOT GIVE IN. Remember, you control when that happens. If you are uncomfortable, scale it back and be confident.

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