How do I comfort my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend are 17 and he's going through hard times right now and he's living with his dad right now for a couple of months and he's not coming back till spring..
so i call him and i text him, we like switch off he txts me one day and i text him the other or calling as well. i always wake up at 6am and everyday he wakes up at 5:30am so when i wake up there's a good morning message from him and then i usually tell him goodnight because he falls asleep early, because he has work and stuff.. but he always has time to talk to my at least once a day. but the problem is that he's going through hard times and he's been cutting..
he says that if he hadn't met me he would be dead, he told me that if i left him there would be no reason to keep on breathing. anyways everytime we talk or text and his problems come up, i never know what to say..
how should i comfort him?
( guys how would you like to be comforted? )


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  • Reassure him that things will get better in time. He'd also like to hear you tell him that whatever he has to face he won't have to face it alone.
    Truth is you can make a huge difference in his outlook even though you're powerless to change a thing.

    • Thanks so much this really helped

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  • I think, based on the information you gave, the best thing to do is just make sure he knows that you're there for him and will listen when he needs to talk. If his cutting persists, he should see a professional, before it escalates.