We made sensual eye contact for 2 minutes but later she acts as nothing happened , what should I do?

We're students in the same college.. she always look at me and I always talk to her just about college and subjects.. (but) last time , me and her were 2 meters away in front of each other , I was talking to some friends and at the same time making a sensual eye contact with her for about 2 minutes , during that time she was locking eyes with me and smilling , then breaking eye contact , then locking eyes again , then, looking down giving me her back and then turning around continuing the eye contact with this charming smile on her face.. so after we stopped this eye contact I tired to approach her and talk about the exam (that was right after a midterm exam) we talked for 5 min but she was not interested.. next day, I asked her if she's free (have free time) after the last lecture but she answered uninterestingly with : No (and there was a project she's workng on with some students) , I felt like she's rejecting me.. now it's been 10 days and I havnt talked to her since then but looked her in the eyes from time to time , and she acts like I dont exist.. so what should I do now , staying at this uncertainty or go tell her I'm interested in her? .. she's Libra by the way


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  • I think it's pretty clear she is uninterested from the cues you are putting up.
    I wouldn't try to pursue anything.

    • OK.. but the fact that we did that playful eye contact for a whole 2 minutes and it was just less than 2 meters between us and she was responding playfully.. I have this impression that she (may) be correcting things that went wrong when she lost herself during these 2 min. So wouldn't this eye contact imply her interest? .. could she be playing hard-to-get in stupid way? or could she be wanting the (just the FEELING) of having someone intersted in her but not really intersted? Those questions are revolving inside my brain.

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