Do guys secretly like girls who are into chick flicks?

I heard something I thought I'd never heard from a guy today. He said it was a turn off that I wasn't into chick flicks. We went out after work today for drinks before the holidays. I work with mainly guys, and they were complaining about how their wives/girlfriends make them watch chick flicks sometimes. One of them asked me if I make my man watch chick flicks. I said no because I've never really been into them. The guy that asked me shook his head and told that's a huge turn off.

Now my man has never complained about this, but I am kind of wondering if he is secretly thinking this. A lot of the guys I work with gave me funny looks when I said this. Do they think it's because I don't seem feminine or something? I usually am very feminine, I'm just not into chick flicks.


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  • I thinks its not because of u. I think it's because of their wives or gf have gotten them used to. But I mean I don't think its a turn off because if u go with ur bf he will probably want to kiss u or maybe even more

  • It's not a turn off. They were probably shocked that you don't like them. I personally loathe them.


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