Women? Are you against dating black guys?

Are black men just viewed as trophies?


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  • Hmmm trophies? I've never heard of black guys being compared to trophies but it makes me think.

    In real life though typically the girls into black guys are also into seriously dating them.

    • well said "trophies" LOL im thinking like huh he can't be serious

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    • @mistninja314 Yeah that's new.

    • At Asker: What do all them have in common other than their race (besides Drake who is half white Jew)? Money my friend. Money. Plus all them are R&B singers (including Drake XD). They sing songs that appeal to the female gender.

      Yeah THOSE guys would be trophies to a lot of girls. "Hey look girl I'm dating a celebrity". -___-

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  • Trophies?
    Blacks carry a negative stereotype so the last thing I would think about is a trophy.

    Whether someone is into black men or not has a matter to do with personal preference,
    the environment they grew up in, and whether or not they are a believer of those stereotypes (open-minded).

    Since I am black myself, I am not against dating black men.

    A good man is a good man no matter his shade or phenotype.

  • Trophie? Oh please

  • I'm not against dating a black guy... Why would I be... What if he were the man I'm supposed to be with..


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  • Honestly no. The issue I have, I took over my grandmothers house in the city in a high crime rated area. And literally there are so many people around in this area that just throw my mind everywhere. To the left, a retired union worker who has an amazing pension. To the right, a nice lady, lives off the system - takes advantage. Its about the mannerisms and education. The drive that makes people attract. Black, white, Asian, whatever. You have qualities of a strong man, smart, independent, style... doesn't matter. Old school values, need not apply anymore.

    I guess being a "trophy" and smart and educated. Why not?

  • naw i dont think so all races seem to find me cute LOL

  • It's bc of a stereotype. People think all black people are African American. There's a difference. What ever your stereotypes are it applies to blacks in America only. People here never consider me bc they don't realise I didn't grow up here and am as far from the stereotype as it gets.

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