Should I tell my best guy friend I like him?

I know and like his personality and I find him attractive. I get guys who want to be more than friends with me but I don't even care about any of them even 2% as much as I care about my best guy friend. It also feels so dishonest of me to not tell him how I feel about him :/
He teases me so much I feel like he hates me sometimes, but he is genuine, sarcastically funny, and always goes out of his way to be around me and talk to me every single day and night. We also share a lot of common interests. I don't want to screw up 10 months of close friendship though because I feel like I might be friendzoned if he hasn't made a move by now :/ Good thing is, he is single and wants a girl, so...

  • You should totally tell him you like him!-he probably likes you too and is just shy! YOLO
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  • Don't tell him you like him-he will probably reject you and it's not worth risking your friendship
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  • Keep being friends and wait for him to make the first move and if it takes another year then ah well
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  • Dont wait a hour more, Who can guarantee that you will die tomorrow. carpe diem!!

    • I try to live by that phrase as much as I can! Too bad I'm really shy with guys I like lol but thanks for your help!

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