Should I ask her to hang out?

Ok so this is the same situation as my other question. Basically, I really like this girl and I know she was into me as she invited me over and then we also went to see a movie and kissed after the movie. Once school started however, she has just been really busy and I asked her to hangout and initially she said she was free, but then the next day she said she was supposed to hang with her family and had to do a lot of schoolwork. Do you think I should try again? Maybe 1 more time?

Okay. Its a big jewish holiday this weekend and we are both Jewish. So I am gonna try and work this out for next weekend. I will post how it goes ... if it goes.


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  • i think you should try again. what can one more question do? but maybe instead of having it just you and her, maybe get a group together to go do something fun. she might feel more comfortable with that.


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