Guys, would u pay for a taxi if u invite your girl to cinema?

he invited me to cinema and said "2 ways we can meet"
i am in the city now and u can come to this cafe i am in now or u can take taxi straight to cinema and we ll meet there"

then he called me and asked where is more convenient for me to meet... And said, maybe cinema is better? because i dont think u can find this cafe.

i said ok, then in cinema

he said "have money on taxi? its cheap , only...$"

it wasn't cheap for me, i am twice younger than him and just finished uni, so i count every $...
he is rich and so that was cheap for him...

but the question even not in money, but in the attention... would guy who likes girl and invite her to cinema ask her to pay for herself for taxi?
guys, what do u think?


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  • Yeah, if it's a date I definitely would. Generally if I ask a girl out, I'll pay for everything because I asked her. If she was to ask me out, I'd probably be more likely to go halves,

    • then it means he dont like me?

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    • There's nothing manly about paying for a girl who isn't worth it. Maybe he didn't think you were worth it, I don't know, I honestly don't care either. Bye.

    • there is no reason to invite girl to cinema who isn't worth it... if he invited-then for him i worth it.
      i bet u dont even have girl, i doubt u ll ever will, no girl need alfonso, except old disparate ladies, lol...
      bye bye

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  • no why should i?

  • Depends, first date? Probably. Been dating a while and we both have jobs? Not if it's gonna put me out.

  • Generally the person asking / hosting should pay for the taxi and entertainment.


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