What is the features of the man that you want?

ok the physical features and features of his own personality, his materality.


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  • I'm gonna be honest here! I like boys who have hair up. Wears glasses... Eye colour doesn't matter to me.. He should always be with me and chat a lot on messenger, whatsapp etc. And is always honest and never tries to flirt with any other girl😍... And he should be cool like wears jackets xD ❤❤❤❤

  • I want a man who is honest. Good character and integrity - and these are things that everyone has to work at everyday, and sometimes we all slip up, but I want a man who understands what those things are and strives for it. Not (like so many I've dated) just do whatever you want and then lie about it.

    Also, physically, I like a tall man. Blue eyes and dark hair.

    • and if he wasn't tall , nor have blue eyes or dark hair but his character is good? :P

    • He would have to ask me out. We would have to have a good time. But, guys rarely ask girls out anymore.

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