Depressed and asking for space, best course of action?

I've been seeing a guy for 2 months, sleeping over 3 nights a week with nice dates. He said he was not seeing anyone else. On 2 occasions he murmured I love you while half asleep. He messaged me frequently, including good morning and night. We complimented eachother all the time. Our dates were getting longer, and Monday morning he acted enamored. He messaged me as usual to gush about me. By early evening, I realized something was a little off. It became apparent by Thur that he had largely stopped complimenting me & had not tried to see me. When I asked if he wanted to hang out Thur or Friday he didn't answer. We were attending a meetup Thur and normally he says "Excited to see you later" But he didn't even say it back. At the event, he snuck in hugs & seemed normal but by the end of the night he was acting weird, avoidant to the point of being rude. At the end, he made a lame excuse for not wanting to hang out. I agreed to Friday instead. We talked on the phone and I expressed my concerns. He was aware he had been acting weird. He seemed sincere when he said he'd been dealing with depression on top of stressful work week & holidays "being hard". He said I'm awesome to be with, he enjoys my company so much and he was sorry for acting hurtful. "It's not you." We talked forever and he didn't seem to want to get off the phone. Next day, he shot a good morning text and I sent just 2 sweet messages throughout the day, which he ignored. But he was busy on our mutual group chats. At 530pm, he wrote "Have a good night." (We were supposed to have plans!) I asked if everything was okay. "Nah." Do you want to talk about it? "nah" He said he was just in a bad mood. I asked him if he wants to stop seeing me for good, or just wants space? Did he mean what he said on the phone? He said,"A little space would be nice. And yes I did mean what I said" And nothing after that. Now what? Sound like he wants out? Or normal for depression? I'm waiting for him to initiate contact.


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  • Normal for depression. If you're depressed it's very hard to have any motivation to do anything. You'd just sit in bed and do nothing.

    You gave him two options when you asked if he wanted space. He chose the least bad one. If you gave him a positive option he might have chosen that one instead.


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