How do you girls like being approached by guys?

Just curious. I have my own way of doing things and it works to get laid but I'm pretty over that and friends with benefits . I want a relationship with a GIRL this time since I've been just dating guys much more than girls in the latter half of this year 2014 and my last boyfriend cheated on me. I get an emotional connection with girls much more than with guys on average though when it's with a guy I really like it can be equally as strong but never will be my preference or be a stronger connection than girls or maybe I haven't met the right guy. I'm kinda over friends with benefits honestly it's just NOT the same. This question got wiped accidentally so I'm lazy to type it all out again.

I talk to differnt girls in various different ways based on her aura or simply put "vibes" but one way I kinda hit on girls (gay boys are a little different) basically I just smile maybe say hi, if don't think I'll see her again then I'll just tell her right there I think she's very pretty and I'd like to see that pretty face again sometime and if I can have her number, maybe if I'm headed the same direction chat and flirt with her then say I would like to see her again and THEN ask for her number

Any form of "get to know you better" is a good way to not come off too strong and also get her number especially what I like to use some form of having to study as an excuse to get her to give her your number which leaves me time to come up with what to say cause every girl is different! Especially since I like to try and get to know more "exotic" girls like one half-black half-euro (german I think?) girl who had the most incredible hair haha especially giving her a scalp massage when kissing! cause I learn a lot about other cultures and find out about certain mixes I like. OOoh this boy Shaun is mixed and is so cute with his pseudo-husband drew <3 Sorry I just love those boysLike 10 years together! Off topic lol sorry


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  • Umm weirdly enough probably the same way you would want to be approached. (and I'm not trying to be funny or anything) Every girl is different I personally don't like when guys skirt around what they want. In your case if you are aiming for a girl with similar values, I pretty sure she will like the same approach you want.

    • I'm not joking but seriously that's exactly how I would like to be approached I never thought of it that way aajajaa

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