Great or Failed Date?

I dated this guy, it think it was a lovely night. We ate dinner, played in the gaming center and strolled around. We laughed a lot and went home quite late, after around 4 hours of time together. He texted me right after he got home and then the next morning. He told me how happy he was to be with me, and hoping for a next meeting. But now he suddenly vanished, it's the second day since i didn't hear from him. I'm hoping he'll send me a message to schedule a second date or whatever, but I don't want to text him first and sound aggressive or desperate.. What happened to him? What do you think I should I do?


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  • Why can't you send a message that just says "Thank you for the lovely time. I hope you are having a good day." Then it is in his court to determine next steps.

    • When he sent me a message after our date, I responded about what a wonderful time I had (when I arrived home), And the next morning we exchanged a few messages, but now (2 days later) I don't hear anything from him.

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    • I get scared with the thought of being rejected than just leaving it unanswered. But I guess, I have to try. thank you!

    • sweet one, rejection happens sometimes in life. Don't take it too personally, it just means that the two of you were not made for one another. It is not a reflection of who you really are.

  • He's probably un ugly white or black guy.



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