Dating an ex's close friend. Uh oh?

So, I'm at my best-friends birthday party and I meet a girl who turns out to be friends with my ex. However, since I really like her, I continued talking to her and now we're at a position where we talk 24x7. Not exactly best of friends, but we share everything with each other. I drop a few hints here and there that I like her and have feelings for her. I tell her that my friends tease me with her name. She just laughs at it. So.. I was just thinking.. Is it like a really bad idea to be doing this? Thinking of dating or getting into a relationship with her in the near future. Is she trying to blow me off because of my ex? They're not exactly close or anything. So.. well yeah. Suggestions please.


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  • I think it's so hard to find someone that you have chemistry with, that when you do, you should just go for it. You're both single, nothing wrong with dating. It doesn't matter who she's frienda with


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