What's went wrong between us I thought he was into me?

I met this guy at my school last year and he showed me a picture of his son. this year the son started working at my school and he acted like he liked me were a lot alike like have more than enough in common. well he would drop hints he liked me said after I graduated wed get coffee and complimented me. I saw him looking at me a lot and a lot of people thought he liked me. he said it make sense after I graduated. I'm support to go to the gym he and his dad train at. I graduated yesterday and he was fine until it was time for him to go then he said he was proud and congrats and he'd see me at the gym or lectures. no # no nothing. He flirted all the time for what? What went wrong? he said we were like twin flames before too. I'd see him in the gas station by my school and he'd stare he sent a lot of signals. where did it go left? please help!!


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  • He isn't interested anymore, nothing went "wrong" he just doesn't want to pursue anything with you. Leave it at that and don't obsess over it.

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