Have you ever bought into the misconception that "all White American women are promiscuous, full-of-themselvses (cocky) and misandric (man-haters)"?

Another misconception is that they are also over-privileged because supposedly "all white men are door-mats who spoil them" . Not saying I believe it or anything but I've heard recently from a few who do. Then again, I can't blame them for the misunderstanding since all the American media does is report negativity and I guess you could say white females could be one of the easiest targets for hate since they make up the majority of the US population and the fact the Feminism was originally created by white women.

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  • White American women are no more promiscuous than in many other areas of the world, although there's no question they are more promiscuous than they used to be, but I don't see that as necessarily bad.

    But I do agree that White American women are way more misandristic than anywhere else with the possible exception of western Europe . More entitled too. Those are not misconceptions.