Get me out of the friend zone?

I hang out a lot with some guy friends-we go to trivia nights at the bar, have holiday parties at their place (the 4 of them together). I love being around them because I trust them and they include me and want me to be around. But I'm afraid that I'm becoming one of the boys! To me, that's super bad BC I want to date one of them. But if I don't hang out when we have group stuff or all together then i probs won't see then at all.
Help! Is being one of the boys bad? Is there no turning back once I've been placed in the friend zone? I feel like I'm already there :


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  • It's like girls constantly tell guys who ask the same question tell him how you feel if he feels the same way good luck but if he doesn't I recommend spending sometime away from him to recollect yourself


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