Girls why do some of the hottest girls find me attractive. And some ignore me?

I meet a model and I'm surprise she likes me. Is it because I'm a engineer


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  • You do know not everyone is going to like us right?
    Same for your case.
    Also, dont tell anyone how much you are earning as well, this is to find out who are the good and geninue ones.

    • I ask her what she does? She said model I said engineer no income mentioned

    • Different people have different preferences so she may just like u.

    • I have been in a relationship with one Asian model. Lol

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  • If you flat out tell them your an engineer then that's probably it. It's no secret that women are very attracted to guys with tons of money

    • Junior engineer.. Not on big money

    • But will be making lots of money. The potential to make lots of money is very important to girls too

    • My dad's rich I don't need to be on big bucks