Should I try and get him back?

Ok so me and this guy were talking for a really long time but I decied we better be friends bc he didn't really seem like a good person. But once I told him that he got back with an Ex ( the Ex have been around the whole time talking to him while I was talking to him and she hates me) so should I try and to get him back and text him? Like that girl thinks she is way better than me and super ugly but is willing to go pretty far. And I'm tried of her crap. And I wouldn't mind being with him. She always says she is not worried about me and she should be. if I want him back I'm pretty sure I could. Should I try.

  • Go get him back!
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  • No don't go get him back
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  • Just get him back just to rub it I'm that bitchs face
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  • No just let her keep him
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  • Ur call it will he on either way
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  • I know that you're under 18, but this is asinine. If you don't like him, then let him go. Don't get in a relationship with a guy just to try and spite another girl. Again, that's asinine and really punishing yourself, not her.

    • This... lol. Seriously is this even a question? This is incredibly immature to even think in this thought pattern.

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    • No, you don't. Reread what you wrote. In fact, "bc he didn't really seem like a good person," that was a strong judgment and nowhere in your post did you come anywhere close to saying that's changed. The only thing you said is that now he's dating someone that you don't like and you want to show her that you're better, which is asinine. If you actually think that you like him, then you still don't. It's only because you're young and he's now off limits and you think that you can't have him, so you suddenly want him (you want what you can't have), which is also asinine. Just let him go.

    • No I kinda like him. It's like mixed a motions. But that girl is ticking me off so I'm just going to flirt with him just cuz

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  • Just let it be