Does this mean he likes me?

There is this one guy in my school, well his friend knows i used to like him (i still do but he doesn't know that) well he told me the guy i like does not like me back. But then i found out his friend likes me so i dont know if i should believe him. well the guy i like used to not talk to me or anything but this past week he has been completely different. he will look at me in class and smile or laugh at all the things i say. he will take my phone and hide it or stick it in his pocket or put it where i couldnt reach it. hed make short jokes and tease me. he completemented me on how i did on my math test and said my comebacks and sarcasm makes his day. or sometimes he'll pat my head, or make my feel on of his bones that dislocates out of place. one day he was walking me to class and let in walk first and go in the door first. that or his buddy was standing in my way so he made him move. his friend told me i looked ugly and insult me so he made a comeback at him to stop. today i had a really bad cold so i was freezing and he let me use his jacket and asked me if i was ok. but we never get to talk alone because his friends are always there. But some days he'll get cranky with me and seem like he really don't like me, like his friend that likes me sat down beside me and his whole attitude changed, he kept getting mad at me, and thenthey were telling a stories and is friend turned to me and said did you hear that he almost hurt his "stuff". Then I couldn't open something so he would ask if I needed help. We recently starting texting and he complimented me and said I was really talented and text back or if he didn't he told me he was sorry, but he hasn't text me today at all but I haven't messaged him and when I told him we could hang out sometime he said thatd be really cool. I feel like im getting played please help and let me know what you think.


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  • honestly i think he likes you but doesn't want his friends to know. invite him to your house some time sometime and just ask him what he thinks about you. it may feel aquward at first but it could lead to a good talk and an answer to your question


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  • Alright, now one of they certainly likes you.
    And the other one is just checking if you're ok.
    Great friendsship they have there.
    It really depends on their types cause, if it'd be me who does the checking then I'd be the guy who supposedly likes you. But my best mate is the other way around.
    Like I said, it really depends on their type of character.
    If you're unlucky they both like you and you got to chose one in the end.


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  • That's a really tough one. Next time you're standing next to him, watch and see if he keeps his hands at his side (not in any pockets) if he does, that's a sign that he wants to hold your hand. Do some reading up on body language. He could be sending you signs that he's into you without even realizing it. Just watch him and his nonverbal communication with you. It works. Really well actually.

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