We still hang around each other, but as friends.

My ex & I broke up 3+ months. We still hang around each other, but as friends. I am also aware that he hangs out with other girls. Well, he invited me to Tahoe for a baseball tournament. I figured it was a free trip to Tahoe. I don't necessarily want to be with him, but we always have enjoyed each others company. I don't know, should I go? I did say yes, but it's like I'm getting cold feet. I haven't spent more than a 24 hour period with him in months. Plus, why ask me, there's other girls he talks too...


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  • Well.If you want to go,you should go.He might not have in mind anything that will be embarassing for both of you.Besides it's been three plus months.So,though it is not out of the question,it is not likely to happen.

    As for the vold feet you are getting,the only thing I can tell you is that going on a trip with him does not oblige you to get reunited with him,given that you don't want this to happen.

    Last but not least,if you want to be reunited with him,or if you are in doubt about it,this is a chance to check wether you still feel comfortable around him.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Best of luck.(and seize the opportunity for the trip)

    • Thank you. I went with him last year & we had a good time, so I think it will be the same this time.

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  • I say do it. You should take a chance. Don't be afraid of living and having a good time with a friend. And your relationship, could, possibly rekindle. but I doubt it if its already been 3 months. I would do it if I were you. here's to a good time! :)