How should I approach this situation with my FWB?

I have been sleeping with a guy from work once a week for about a month.
I live out of town and have basically been staying at his every weekend after going out.
He used to message me ALL the time, but has stopped recently. We still had sex once after he stopped messaging.

Yesterday I went out expecting to stay at his. Seemed all fine, he made suggestions and was flirty.
Then when we were out he hooked up with someone else. I wasn't jealous, however because the taxis stop at a certain time I went & asked him if i needed to call a taxi.

I felt bad, because then he felt bad because he knew i was expecting to stay at his. He said that he isn't committed & is single. I agreed & said i wasn't jealous just needed a heads up. Long story short i'm not sure where the girl went, but i stayed at his & we had great sex.

Tonight he went out. I went home because i want to show him that i'm not a 'ball & chain' and he isn't committed to me. It hurts that he didn't ask if i wanted to go out though when we were drinking together after work.

I want to show him that he isn't committed, but at the same time I don't want him to sleep with anyone else because then i might not have a place to stay & will have lost great sex. What do I do?


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  • You obviously want a committed relationship if you want to have an exclusive sexual relationship with him, despite saying you're cool with him hooking up with other woman. Determine what kind of relationship you want and the boundaries of that relationship.