Testing the waters with a boy/man?

Do they pick up on it? And if they do, and still encourage it, is it taken for granted that they're interested too


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  • Yes and yes.

    With a man at least.

    Since you're at least 25 though, I'm assuming you're dealing mainly with men!

    • Lol, yes, but the men I know are still immature, because they're students.

      They could could also be responding because they want attention.

      Kind of like, if a woman is Part B or Part C, because for whatever reason they couldn't get A. How do you know if you're not the beyond and end all, but an option.

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    • I noticed when I stand close to him, he gets uncomfortable. That's not really a good thing, right?

    • You're doing the exact opposite of what I just advised you to do.

      Reread my original comment, and then reread it again.

      If you've forgotten what to do, reread again, and repeat.


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