How should I let me crush know that I've sent him a Christmas gift?

I have a crush on a guy (2yrs older than me) that helped me out as a peer mentor & have decided to send him a small gift & card in the mail by Christmas. I only have his school address & the mailing center at his school asked me to let him know that he has a package in case he doesn't get notified. How should i let him know about the gift? i'm thinking to just say that it's a small thank you and happy holidays gift.

as a girl, i think a "thank you" gift is a good way to hide my intensions but i don't know how it sounds for a guy, or if there are better ways to let him know.


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  • Good job answering your own question

    • well i'm not sure if that's the best way to say it

    • You're overthinking it.

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  • Say it's a "thank you" that's what I did