When would it be safe to touch/grab/smack my gf's butt?

So I've been dating my gf for three weeks now. We've kissed once. And I get that "it's different for every couple" but how will I know when she would feel comfortable with me touching her butt? Are there any signs? Just go for it and hope she doesn't get angry? Are there ways to set the mood so she would be okay with it (possibly like it)? Any help? Thanks!


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  • You should talk about it. My boyfriend always ask me the first time around if it's OK to do certain things. Like when we are watching movies he asked me the first time if it's OK if he sometimes just randomly touches my boobs or same with ass touching. He asked me when it's OK to touch my ass or not. It's always nice to have a guy who is not afraid of talking about these things. I feel so connected with him now and like he cares about my opinion so why not just ask her how she feels about it? That's the safest way to make sure what you're doing is right.


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  • I would say it depends on the girl. My current girlfriend has already gotten naked for me, and we have only been dating since Thursday (it is currently the following Sunday) where as I dated a girl for a year and I never got past kissing.

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