How do I get out of the inbetween friends and dating stage?

We are good friends and recently (2 weeks) it has become more than just friends, We see eachother all the time at school, church, etc. We have hung out twice and we spent almost 5 hours playing board games, wii, etc. today at his house. He is more passive and asked him too hangout in the first place. He tends to be more passive and shy about things like this. How do I let him know I want this to more? Should I just let it go how it is Or say something? What are the signs he wants it to be more? I don't want to scare him away though.

We are both going to college next year as well.


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  • Make a move. Although, I don't agree with girls dating under 18, let alone 21

    • Is he just shy then? And Our parents are fine with it and they are both conservative catholic families. They also trust us not to do anything stupid.

    • I don't care what your families are, I don't think people in general should be dating under 18 or 21 even... I just think you're too young. You will find out why

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