Is it ever too late to change your gameplan?

You've been dating for a month, and you've made things too easy for her. You didn't let her chase you, and now she's lost the spark and she wants to be friends.

Is it ever too late to change the game plan? Is it ever too late to pull back, let her chase, and become a little more unpredictable? Can you still reignite the spark she could have once had, by just changing how you interact with her?


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  • i had a boyfriend he was so funny... he was all about "game" and keeping interest level high. he would play little gambits, like flirting with girls to get my attention.

    • Wouldn't you have gotten bored with him if he was like "here we go babe, i'm all yours" without you having to work for it? I get bored if a girl does make me chase her... just not too much; it has to be balanced

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  • Once in the friend-zone it is almost impossible to get out. Your only move is to go no-contact. If-and what a big one-she has a change if heart, this will be the only circumstances under which she might do so. The more you contact or engage her now, the further you will push her away.

    • Ye i hardly contact her... i only message her from time to time to indicate that i'm still there, but otherwise i wait for her to initiate. But i'm still fresh in the friend-zone, so i think i still have time to get out if i can play my cards right...

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    • No, i rushed into it. I talked to her a lot in the beginning, and chased her a little too much. But now, i don't talk to her much. I see her regularly, but i don't talk to her much when i don't see her. I often wait for her to initiate, and unless she's busy, she always initiates.

      Fresh cards... i understand what you mean, but i'm not the kind of guy that has girls lined up to date. I don't ask a girl out unless i feel some sort of connection, which means bar/club hookups are always out of the question. I have a lot of girls around, but i only see them as good friends.

      I continue with my life. When i'm with her, i make sure she sees that i'm having fun, whether or not she is. When she's not around, i have fun with my mates, go out and just enjoy my life, with or without her.

      but the question of whether she is worth it or not... I ask myself that everyday. We have a lot in common, and we have a connection. But she isn't my only focus

    • You my friend, have a good head on your shoulders. I am not, nor will I ever be a bar/club guy. I feel you on that one. As far as the connection thing, same goes for me the older I get. You're on the right track brotha, keep doin' what you're doin'. Be true to yourself.

  • Can there be a "too late"? Yes.

    But you can probably rebuild again from friendship, by working on chatting more with her, flirting with her, then slowly building back up to going out regularly again. If everything goes well, you may be able to ask her to be your gf again.

    Or that could be just me being optimistic haha.

    • Yea that is what i'm going for... spend as much time with her as time permits for a few months then ask her again to be my gf. Optimism is what gets us the things we want in the end, but sometimes you got to know when to quit... I'm not quitting on her just yet. Because i think there is more than she letting out to be.

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