Am I leading him on?

I messed up big time. So this guy (Tom) likes me. He gave me his number 2 weeks after breaking up with my bf. We went on a date but were friends. I invite him to hangout with me and my friends all the time. My friends thinks its not cool for me to invite him to hangout with us cause they feel Im leading him on by inviting him to group hangouts BUT he's just a friend and he's cool being that. People ask us are we dating are we a couple.

So my guyfriend Rick we hangout a lot he kissed me once and he likes me but were friends. I invite Tom to hangout and Rick is there like all the time. So people have said Tom has an attitude when Rick is there cause he knows Rick likes me but were friends.

Do you think me inviting Tom places when I have no intent to ever date him is wrong?


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  • you are friends with tom? it is still his decision that he wants to hang out with you.


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  • not at all. you are okaay


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