Is he going to come back again?

We broke up a few weeks ago because he thought that I was being controlling, but recently we've been talking a little bit. We texted like every night, and this week he started saying things like "I miss you a lot," and ".. every time I see you or think about you it reminds me of how much I still want you." Things were going so well the last week, and then Friday I think I might've pissed him off by hugging this guy he's told me before he doesn't like me talking to. So, he was all curled up in one the booths in the cafeteria with one of my friends, and I'm pretty sure he knew I'd see. When I confronted him about it that night, he never mentioned the guy I hugged, but all of a sudden he was like "we need to move on."
Last time we broke up it took him several weeks to come back again, and we kind of went through this same process of where he misses me but he says he can't let himself have me, and we need to move on. What should I do? I know that some people are going to say to just move on, but I'd really like to make him want me back. I really care about him and I know he cares about me too, but he always tells me he can't let himself come back. What should I do to get him back?


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  • If you really want someone who really doesn't want you all you need to do is just pressure him into it. He's weak so he'll topple. It just prolongs the inevitable.

    • I know he wants me, but he just doesn't want to end up like before. Is there anything you'd recommend me do to make him realize why he wanted me in the first place?

    • Why you seek destruction is beyond me. Just do whatever interested him in the first place.

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