Confused! Been out of the dating game too long?

Ok so was dating this guy for about 2 months... All was good we were seeing each other few times a week talking texting everyday talking about being exclusive etc... Anyway we had a great weekend went away together chatted that night on phone after we got back texted all day the next day! I missed a call off him & text replied to text & tried to ring him later on, got no answer didn't think anything of it! Well now almost a week has gone by with no call back or text which is fine his choice but if he had a prob with me didn't want to see me anymore etc why didn't he say? Now I'm not going to ring him I texted & rang he chose to ignore me but I have no idea why when everything seemed so good!! I just feel confused


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  • It's totally normal for u to want to know why he stop talking to you but if you're reaching out to him and he keeps ignoring you I would seriously stop calling/txting him. If he gets back in touch with u.. I think it's also ok if u ask him why he left u hanging. Just dont say it in a confrontational way.

    • I haven't contacted him, it's so hard not to... He texted & rang me the other day I missed the call & replied to the text, I did try return his call later on got no answer or reply so I haven't tried since! I don't want to come across as desperate or needy but really wish I knew what the hell his problem is or if I did something wrong! Me not answering his call when he rang could surely not be it? We had been texting all day up until an hour before he rang & we had been fine nice messages, I thought he was really into me but obviously I was wrong, he was the first man I'd started to let in since my big break up a year ago, which I didn't mention to him! Maybe I slept with him to soon, but we had plenty of dates without sex after we had slept together!

  • You need answers,! pay him a visit, talk to him face 2 face :)