She helped me get a date with her but she's acting weird now?

First off this might all be paranoia but this coworker of mine (whom I trust with my life) told me he talked to a female coworker Id been thinking about asking out. She told him she would totally go on a date with me if I asked. I did at our work party and she said yes. She even self admittedly separated herself from her group so she could talk to me.

However setting up a date has been hard because she is home for winter break with her family. She responded that she would probably be able to do it one weekend but didn't know what her work schedule was like but has respond since. She's 18 so this is the first time she has been away from her family. Anyway if she didn't want a date with me why she help me out so much when she could've told that coworker no when he asked about me?


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  • Humans are silly things. What is theoretical when it comes to fruition can sometimes cause emotional distress.


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