Do Tanned skin white or Italian women like us black men or dated one?

I'm Very attracted to tanned skin white women with brown to dark hair, small waist and big boobs. I'm a Jamaican guy who muscular, weights 170 pounds, 5'8 and currently in college. I have been told that I'm different from most black men as I don't listen to rap, wear street clothing, speak ebonics and never been arrested. I'm looking forward for marry one. For any attractive white women, have you dated a black men before or would you date one?


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  • It's great to be attracted to other races.
    But when that's all you seem to be going after, it makes me think as if you having a problem with your own race.
    You completely X out other women and can already see yourself marrying someone
    Based on their skin tone and race.

    Anyway to answer your question,
    Some white women do like black men.
    Proof? Biracial children.
    Some white women do not.
    You're not going to get a set answer here, because everyone has a preference.

    • Just because I Find dark skinned white women attractive doesn't mean I exclude other races of women. I also find Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian women attractive as well. I tend to have a weakness for brunette tanned skin European women. Since you want to know so much, may I ask whats your ethnicity?

    • I am basing my assumption off of what you wrote.
      You did not state you find any other ethnicities attractive. All you stated was finding tanned white women unbelievably attractive, wanting to marry and most likely reproduce with one in the future.
      You also list a bunch of stereotypes of what a black man may be in some white womens eyes, and then say you say you aren't like that. According to you "most" not some , but "most" black men are that way.
      What would one be left to think?
      I don't see why my race matters at all.

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  • Lol such stereotypes about black people lol (rap, neer been arrested). I actually find a lot of colour guys atractive. I am no saying they are my usual type, but I do get attracted to some sometimes. I think tht what matters is if people get along well. And skin colour should never be a problem if you love a guy. My bf is not white, not black too... In between lol (he is African but not a black man).

  • I do like a man who knows his way around pinterest! XD

    But I don't fall into your category lol

    • Do you like muscular Jamaican men?

    • Lol that doesn't really narrow it down. I can't justifiably answer yes or no.

    • How much more narrower can it get lol. Do you like muscular Jamaican men that wear open linen shirts, baggy pants, sandals , have dreds and play the steel drums? Lolol

  • Everyone has different tastes. I'm white as could be, but I happen to love the Mexican skin tone on men. If you treat women you like nicely then you'll find someone, I promise. :)

  • Wow. Got some stereotypes? I personally have dated one and it's kind of a variety of races that I'm attracted to. But I think I've been into Mexicans more than anything. So I am attracted to blacks too but it just isn't as much


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  • You will get nothing and like it.

  • 😥😥😥😪😪😪😭😭😭no they don't date mostly that's stereotypes and fake trust me