What do I do about these three guys?

I've been single for a long time now and throughout that time I no had potential suitors. Never got asked on a date or anything. Now out of nowhere I have three guys trying to get to know me. My ex wants to get back together, a customer at my work gave me his number and told me to call him whenever I wanted to hangout and my sister-in-laws friend has contacted me through Facebook and wants to hangout soon. There is a problem though. My ex dumped me a long time ago and he hasn't dated anyone since. I kinda feel like he wants to get back because he has no one else but at the same time I feel his feelings are sincere. The customer at my work has a girlfriend. I know this because I looked him up on Facebook. And my sister-in-laws friend has a kid and another one on the way. He has been split from his ex since before she found out she was pregnant. So what do I do?


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  • I'd say the closest potential one is the ex. but there is a reason why he is an ex. so that brings it down to none.
    ex is an ex
    customer has a gf but gives his number to another (maybe platonically, who knows)
    sister-in-law friend has a kid. baby mama drama.
    you just know how to attract the wrong crowd don't you? lol

    • Lol I guess so. After not having game for a little over two years I start getting this. Where did I go wrong? Haha

    • haha... thanks for MH, i guess honest IS the best policy lol
      I would start finding whats wrong, or control how you present yourself.

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  • 3 - ex = 2.

    2 - random customer = 1.

    1 = 1.


    • omg... im dying laughing. I don't know why i understand that equation... but i do... ur a foooool...

  • Just go to your ex :)


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  • I think that the last two of the options are kind of risky, what with one having a girlfriend, and the other having the huge responsibility of children in his life. However, if you and your ex broke up on good terms, i see no reason as to why you guys shouldn't get back together.