Not really attracted to my boyfriend... Anyone else been in this situation?

So I'm in a bit of a confusing situation. I had been friends with a guy for a few months, and we really were great friends. We rarely spent time in person together (both busy, logistically difficult, just never really brought it up), but we talked--and still do--every day from when we both wake up until we crash.
Clearly we were flirting with each other in a playful insult fighting way which we also still do. Long story short he asked if I wanted to try dating him, and I said yes. It's been a bit over a month now and we obviously hang out more, but I've run into a problem. When we're just texting, I'm usually very attracted to the idea of him. When we are together and his arms are around me I'm attracted to him. But I am not attracted to his face, most people say he's average to cute, but I realized that I find his face unattractive--which I feel terrible about, I'm usually not shallow at all and can easily get past something like this with a good personality an will find them attractive--and I'm just not sure if this is a sign to break up. I think I may have rushed into the relationship just for the excitement of being in a relationship at all.
We are good friends, but I find myself annoyed with many immature things he does in person, and I've yet to get past the fact that I'm not attracted to his face, and actually only find myself attracted to him when I can't actually see him (not in the same place, behind me holding me, next to me cuddling, etc)
Has anyone else been in this situation and how did you handle it? I know no one can give me an end all be all answer, but just any input is helpful. Thank you!

I have no misconceptions about being in love with him or anything. My friend who has seen us together said that she thinks he is very into me by the way he acts (looking like a puppy who pleased their owner when he makes me laugh, always having his hands on me, staring at me and trying to put me in all conversations, etc). I feel like I could go either way on dating or not. When we're together, I feel like I might just be into physical contact not a relationship


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  • I have a ugly face but a sexy body and very nice guy but because of my face I don't get woman. Its not about his face you love him stay with him.

  • Are you attracted to him or not? yes or no


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