I have no idea what to do on a date?

So I went to see this guy a couple of days ago and it's the first time we've been alone together. We were watching a movie at his place and I think it was a little awkward. He kept asking me if I was alright, I had been feeling slightly ill and he knew that but I think he was trying to encourage conversation, when I was trying to just watch the film, haha. We cuddled for a while but nothing major and he started to fall asleep 'cause he works late and stuff so I told him to get some sleep and I would see him another time. Since then he hasn't really talked to me very much, and when I messaged him he said it's not that he's ignoring me, he's having some problems at the moment and needs some time. I'm worried I've totally blown it, so I need advice on two things: 1. Should I be worried? and 2. If we go out again, what should I do to keep him interested? Like what do you guys like a girl to do?

  • You bored him and he's given up with you - move on.
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  • He's probably just dealing with some stuff right now - give him time.
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  • You're going to die alone. Sorry.
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  • If he's completely blown you off over one quiet date, that's his problem. Don't forget, you may have been quiet, but he fell asleep--that's on him not you. There are always some flop dates. I had one where we were sitting in my living room announcing that we were bored out of our minds, so we went upstairs to watch tv, talk and laugh about the show, and cuddle/kiss.
    As for what you do on a date, I would say that if you're watching a movie in private at home, that's a lot of the times the guy trying to encourage something. You never have to do anything you're not comfortable with, you can just cuddle or kiss. It's really a nice way to get more physical connection with someone, just sitting with them having any skin contact for hours. You don't need to be talking the entire time, just sporadic comments (unless he seems to be getting annoyed by you talking through it!) If you're worried about your ability to keep a conversation going since you're shy, you can choose a less private activity like seeing a movie in a public theater, going for a walk, going to a cool place (for me it would be Venice in CA). Everyone is awkward the first few dates, I'm sure he was just as nervous


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  • When I feel things aren't working out with a girl I usually distance myself like he is doing, I never really tell someone it's not working out I just make a effort to let the contact fade out. So I voted a sorry. And easy bit of advice to give you is to give communication with your date priority over watching the movie ;)
    Yes watch the movie but your priority is him, if you guys end up missing half of it because your deep into a conversation thats great right? :p

  • You bored him badly but it's not all over. It'll be okay after a while. You should concentrate on him not on movie, as you know you were on date.

  • on a date.. you date someone. get to know someone whilst doing an activity or kinda the more intimate word for hanging out. just enjoy

  • Not to worry, Just be yourself and enjoy his company. Be honest and try to learn to communicate with him

  • Stay positive. It's not over until it's over.

  • take your panties off n spread your legs. your partner will do the rest.

    • On a first date? Nope.

    • that is the ultimate aim to date someone. sex. so why wait or be shy. just do it.

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