How often should I email?

Ok,this question is for the ladies.

I'm curious when a guy e-mails a woman on a dating web site. And gets a response from a woman and exchange e-mail address.

My question Is how often should he e-mail the woman? Like 1-a week or 3-times every 2 weeks,what's the rule of thumb


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  • There is none! If you play by the rules. Nothing will happen! If she emails you. EMAIL BACK! And if she doesn't at least say hey how are you?

    It will be much better than really wanting to talk to her but just because of a rule you don't! Don't let rules hold you back :]

  • E-mail her when you feel like. As simple as that. And definitely wait for her to answer:). Play along, both of you will dictate how often depending how the "emailing relationship" goes.


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