Would you ever date someone who was formerly a misandrist or misogynist?

Sometimes people change over time, their opinions and perspectives change as they mature biologically and physically.

So ladies, would you date someone who USED to hate women?

Gentlemen, would you date someone who USED to hate men?

Assume that they were well-known for berating the opposite sex, treating the opposite sex badly... but are totally not like that anymore.


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  • Better then dating someone that presently is...

    I think in someway I used to be slightly misogynistic, not that I was ever violent or anything - I was quite polite really, but I had a resentment/dislike of women, which I think I've largely dealt with now. So I think if a woman had overcome being a misandrist I wouldn't consider it a problem.

    • Would you, Asker?

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • former?

    As long as it's well and truly former.

  • There is usually something in back of their mind, that still, thinks the same way.

  • no one hates men. thats a lie spread by bitter men

    • like white people complaining about racism lol

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    • I think I hate you.

    • you need to stop listening to misogynist lies

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  • No, I wouldn't. Who knows if he can turn crazy or go back to hating woman again if the relationship were to get stale and I feel like breaking up.

  • No. I would not. I would not trust that he fully changed his ways. I don't want to get into a little disagreement with him and then he kills me because it reminded him why he hated women in the first place. I'd rather stick with someone who's been sane from the start.

    • Exactly. Those types are like ticking bombs.

    • Yup. I'm a ticking time bomb myself when I'm not on my meds lol, so I get upset easily sometimes (NOT enough to kill, haha). I don't get that mad, like ever. I'm the kind of person that forgets I'm mad after like 5 minutes and then I talk to the person I was mad at and they give me the cold shoulder and then I wonder what I did wrong, haha. :)