Would Matt and Tamsen please post? I'd like to know how I can trust my man better, how I can bring him closer to me, and how to make him only want me?

I'm seeing this guy, it's long distance. He is 21 and I am turning 18 on New Years eve. I love him, very much. he's the man I hope to marry one day! But, lately he's been distant. And Wednesday I thought he was going to leave me because he was saying he feels like he can't give me enough attention because he's so busy and that I don't deserve that. I had asked him before that if we could become official (it has been 2 months) and he said not yet because he's been so busy with school and work and that's his life right now. I told him okay I understand that and told him I just don't want to lose him and that I couldn't go through that and he in response said well then I need to be patient and I said okay I will be, I am. And then our conversation ended happy. Things have seemed to be better since then except for the fact that I messaged him yesterday morning and he hasn't responded. But I saw today he was talking to a girl on her question and they were winning and she was heavily flirting with him and they were winning at each other and said she still hasn't met a man. She's 16. And he told her to message him and right after that, he went anonymous. So I don't know what to think. A few months ago my boyfriend at that time cheated on me. So I have a little trust issues now. I'd like to know
1) how can I trust my man fully?
2) how can I make him only want me?
3) how can I bring him back in?

When I said "winning" I meant flirting
Like winking at each other


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